Well I'm officially bored now. A few days off of school is nice, but I'm running out of things to do. You'd be surprised how unexciting Spring Break can be when you're stuck in the Seattle rain without any friends to spend it with. I made plans to go visit my grandparents tomorrow for a little 2-on-2 time. I'm bringing my best friend Nate with me, mostly because he's hoping Grandma makes her famous spaghetti salad, and partly because he seems to be following me everywhere. It'll be nice to talk with Grandma without her so busy being the hostess. I'm sure Grandpa and Nate will have fun in the shop as well.

My apartment is looking especially like an art studio now. I've hung up 7 of my drawings and it looks like a gallery. It's nice though. Bare walls no more!

Still looking for a way to pay for school. I guess that much can be assumed, since I'd probably post as soon as I did find something.

Oh, and if you read this before March 28th, check out Earth Hour. But beware before posting a comment on it; you may get yourself into a flame war! (please refrain from starting one on here)



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