Well I've had to officially cancel (or at least delay) my plans for VFS. I can't get a good enough cosigner for the loan I'll need. DigiPen looks like a good alternative. In fact, before I set my heart on VFS I was trying to decide between the two. I'm just really regretting even applying for VFS, because it's cost my dad $2500(student services fee) already that he won't get back.
Although I'm not excited about delaying my schooling for another year, or about having to go for 4 years instead of 1, or having to take the classes necessary for a degree like English, Soc, Math, etc. But, going to DigiPen would open up financial aid and scholarship options I wouldn't have with VFS. And a lot of the big technology companies around here hire people right out of DigiPen.
In the meantime I will keep going to Everett CC because I'm taken care of for another year and would like to get an AA degree to show for the tiem I've spent there. Who knows, maybe some of my credis will be transferrable and I won't have to spend 4 years at DigiPen... maybe more like 2 if I go during the summer. *fingers crossed*


Well I'm officially bored now. A few days off of school is nice, but I'm running out of things to do. You'd be surprised how unexciting Spring Break can be when you're stuck in the Seattle rain without any friends to spend it with. I made plans to go visit my grandparents tomorrow for a little 2-on-2 time. I'm bringing my best friend Nate with me, mostly because he's hoping Grandma makes her famous spaghetti salad, and partly because he seems to be following me everywhere. It'll be nice to talk with Grandma without her so busy being the hostess. I'm sure Grandpa and Nate will have fun in the shop as well.

My apartment is looking especially like an art studio now. I've hung up 7 of my drawings and it looks like a gallery. It's nice though. Bare walls no more!

Still looking for a way to pay for school. I guess that much can be assumed, since I'd probably post as soon as I did find something.

Oh, and if you read this before March 28th, check out Earth Hour. But beware before posting a comment on it; you may get yourself into a flame war! (please refrain from starting one on here)


Finals week is not a good time to get romantically involved with someone. I am so distracted. I can't seem to focus in class and all I want to do is go see him! Too bad I'm going to be so busy with homework this weekend. *pout*
*update 3/15* I finally talked to him again and it was as I suspected... rebound. Grr. This sucks.

On another note, I'm still trying to figure out a way to pay for VFS. I have a $5,000 payment due in like 2 days. And school is supposed to start in 6 months. I don't have any loans set up or anything... I'm getting nervous. I've got people helping me, but so far we haven't come up with anything.






So, I set up my site today and created 3 categories to the left there. Fiction Writing, Art, and Life (which you are currently viewing). I plan on changing the header picture, or maybe the whole design of the page later. I really should stop procrastinating and get back to my homework.
If you find anything here useful, let me know and I will try to continue posting useful content. You can leave a comment on a particular blog post, or a general comment on the home page.

Thanks for visiting!