" Write a character sketch using objects, landscape, weather, etc., to intensify the readers' sense of what the character is like. Use no similes ("She was like...) Purpose: to create convincing character by using more than intellect, engaging both the conscious and unconscious mind."

The ice on the windows was beginning to get so thick you couldn't see much light. Though out here, what is there to see? Miles and miles of bare nothing--hardly even a plant or rock.  Jack stands at the snow blanketed window and stares blankly. "What do I do?" he murmured to his lonesome self. He knew it would be impossible to clear a path before the store closed. He goes to sit by the near-to-death fire, thinking he should get some more wood, but never doing it.  "Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll freeze to death," he thought. The cabin was so empty. No decorations on the walls, most of the cookware gone.  And the bright, colorful blankets and sheets were replaced by drab grey.  He thinks about grabbing the bottle of whiskey, but doesn't even feel like getting up.  As he drifts asleep, the light of the fire fades away and Jack dreams of a time when his sweet Isabelle still snuggles warmly by his side.

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